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Warm wormies, Eco gardening tips; Cool Cucumber & Lemon Balm Drink
July 25, 2019

July 2019 Issue #167


What fun that we both love gardening. Thanks for joining me.

1) Warm wormies
2) Eco gardening tips
3) Cool Cucumber & Lemon Balm Drink

Smashed house and spider

Of course I would never bash a spider! Actually I've spent today saying "sorry spider" many times. I have moved house and I'm uncovering an overgrown path at my new (old) place. Spiders are scrambling out my spade's way, sorry spiders.

I then went shopping and a harmless little black spider dropped from me onto the checkout counter. The young woman was frantic, the spider was scared, I was amused at the over-reaction of everyone... sorry spiders—not everyone loves you.

Eco gardening tips

  • Warm wormies
    In really cold areas your worm-farm activity will slow and the worms may even huddle together in a ball in the middle of your bin. They'll eat less, so don't overfeed, as uneaten food will build up and go smelly and rotten when warmer weather arrives.

    Your worms will be okay, and if you actually want them to eat more scraps, move them to a warmer spot or cover bin with a blanket or BBQ cover to keep the heat in and keep the worms active. Read about wonderful worm-farms here.

  • Waste-free living
    My home country, NZ, has a problem with introduced Wilding Pines. Although great for forestry and erosion control, these conifers don't stop, and they're taking over! Instead of chopping or poisoning them, which leaves the surrounding soil acidic, an enterprising industry is now helping by making delightful essential oils from the Wilding Pine needles.

    What about your patch? Can you turn some pesky nuisance into a useful garden enhancement? Think like a permaculturer... nothing gets wasted. There is a purpose for everything, you just need to work out what it is.

  • Hot terracotta
    For terracotta pots in hot places, keep the soil cooler and thus cut down the moisture loss, by lining the inside of the pot with aluminum foil. Just put it around or part way around the sides only—not the base. An acrylic sealer will also do the trick.

fairy on snail

Fall in love with miniature fairies!

Put this sleepy little figurine on your rockery; in your home; in a fairy garden, and watch it capture everyone's heart. There's a puppy and an elf too.

Dare you to have a peek HERE

Cool Cucumber & Lemon Balm Drink

Keeps you cool and looks cool too with its refreshing colors. It's so nice in hot weather to sip during the day. Keeps a few days but you'll probably find yourself making a fresh batch each day.


  • About 4 cups (32 oz/1 lt) water
  • ΒΌ medium cucumber, sliced
  • Good handful lemon balm leaves.


  1. Put all ingredients into large jug or pitcher, double the recipe if jug is large enough.
  2. Put in refrigerator and leave to infuse overnight or at least 12 or more hours.

Note: This simple recipe is one of many beautiful thirst quenchers in the book Cool Waters. Read more here.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Makes: 4-8 servings

Live, love and garden

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