Dividing Asparagus crowns

by digger

I have an asparagus bed,3rd yr coming up,not yet picked from it,do these crowns get bigger every year ? can i dig and split them if they do grow in size and get too big?.

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Jul 21, 2015
When to divide asparagus crowns
by: ~ Megan

It's too soon to divide your crowns, especially as you haven't yet had a harvest. If you did want more plants, get them somewhere else. If you did divide your young plants up now, then it would take another 2-3 years before you could start to pick any spears.

Best to wait at least 2 more years, but most gardeners divided their crowns after 10 or more years when the crowns are much bigger and after you notice the harvest waning a bit. After 20 years, there usually would be a lot less production from a hoary old crown and that's most certainly when digging the old crowns up, chopping them into say quarters, discarding any dead roots, replanting, and waiting a year. Then you'd be back to harvesting some of those yum spears again.

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