how to protect seedlings from ants?

(Ernakulam, Kerala ,India)

hello friends
When ever i plant some vegetables mainly beans, within next day i will be able to see ants in my plant.First time i didn't mind it but when it fruited ants were sucking up all the juice and the beans will not grow any more. Now its happening to all my plant as tomatoes,ladyfinger,and cucumber etc..... so please answer my question.

How to protect my plants from ants ?

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Aug 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

They might actually be harvesting frass from aphids.

Aug 22, 2016
Ants love aphids
by: jay

Do you have any sign of aphids or tiny insects on your vegetation other than ants? I have just read that ants feed on honeydew which is the juice that aphids secrete. The aphids love fleshy young stems and will chomp at them and then the ant will feed on the aphid. I read this on the ROyal horticultural site as I am here in the UK. I notice aphids on my plants too and also the ants. Also, ants can disturb the soil beneath each plant and steal it of nutrients and weaken roots as the ants shift and shovel the soil while they dig to create tunnels. Does any of this sound plausible?

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