Lodging a cover crop

by David Bender
(Friendsville TN USA)

I have a large client that I’m trying to improve and I planted a mix to cover crop last summer consisting of winter wheat winter rye turnips Dicon radish and Austrian winter peas. I need to lodge it now . I’m wondering if I can use my tiller without the power take off to Lodge the crop.

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Apr 08, 2019
lodging plants NEW
by: Anonymous

Got me a bit there -- not sure what you mean by client, or is that spell-check gone bad!

I would give it a go with the tiller, especially as you have a large area (client!). If you've got a machine, and it looks like it would work, then there's no harm in trying. You might end up with a big mess, but it should still mangle/cut/bend/crush or somehow halt the growth and get it to eventually rot down - if that's what you're looking to achieve.
Let us know. GBC

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