Plants good in morning not a few hours later

We just planted a bunch of tomato plants, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and some peppers. The plants all look amazing and healthy in the morning, but by afternoon they look a little worse for the wear. We live on Long Island, NY. The sprinklers come on in the very early morning. Some of the lower smaller leaves look a bit yellow. I dont know if I am giving them too much water or not enough? A couple of the plants have started flowering, I don't want to kill them!

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Jul 18, 2014
Watering NEW
by: Anonymous

If your plant leaves are wilting and dying at the bottom they are getting too much water. If they are dying at the top of your plants they are not getting enough water.

Jul 18, 2014
Water Gauge NEW
by: Kim

I bought a $5.00 water meter gauge at our local farm store and just love it. I use it everyday in the garden and also on all my flower pots. It tells me if I need to water and surprisingly, most of the time I think I do need to water and I do not. Might help you know if you are watering too much.

Jul 19, 2014
encouraging deeper root growth NEW
by: Juley

I agree getting a rain gauge would be wise. Plants need a good, deep watering less often than a shallow watering more often. The deep watering less often encourages roots to grow deeper in search of water, and will strangthen the plant. Shallow watering more frequently encourages the plant to only have roots near the surface to get its daily watering fix. As soil near the surface dries out quicker than soil a couple of inches below the surface, so do the roots, therefore helping to cause the daily wilt of the plants at high heat times. Most tomato and pepper plants will have a temporary wilt during high heat times anyway, as a built-in defense against moisture loss in the plant, but deeper roots help them to bounce back up quicker. Hope this helps, and happy gardening :)

Aug 01, 2014
Plants wilting in sun NEW
by: Eugene

Here are some ideas. Just dig down with trowel or hand and make sure that it's damp at least a hand depth down. Don't water if it's soggy, leave to dry.
The stomata in the leaves close up to stop transpiration when it's hot, and that makes the leaves look limpish. If the leaves are fine in the morning when it's cool and the stomato are open,it would seem the plant has enough water.
Also a fat layer of mulch would work wonder if you find you have trouble with the soil drying out in hot weather. Make sure you soak the ground first before adding mulch.

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