Rhubarb growing tall buds

by Leanne
(Shelton, Washington)

my rhubarb plant has produced a huge amount of buds. It has been growing taller as each bud blooms. It isn't filling out with leaves and stalks for my harvesting the stalks. It just seems to be just producing buds and growing ever more skyward. What should I do?

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Apr 06, 2016
Get rid of rhubarb flower stalks NEW
by: Blueberry

I'm a rhubarb lover, yum yum. I guess you mean the flower stalks or do you mean the buds that come on the big crown and then grow into stalks with leaves at the end? If it's the flower stalks, cut them off as they just take the food that could go into producing the stalks and leaves. Let us know if things change.

Apr 21, 2016
Rhubarb buds but no good stalks NEW
by: CJ

Try giving your plants lots of compost or nitrogen fertilizer as well as lots of water. They like plenty of water and food and it could be your rhubarb is starving and thirsty so is blooming in desperation?

Lots of growing buds are good to have, but they should produce leaves first, not flower stalks - which need to be cut off pronto!

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