What ate my plants

by Jinks
(St. Louis, MO)

I have a small shop in an Ind. complex. I have a 6' privacy fence. 3, 18" high, raised beds. Something striped a small tomato plant & a sunflower to just the stalk. Also tore out several smaller seedlings.
Any ideas as to what could do this?

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Jun 09, 2016
Something has eaten my tomato and sunflower plants NEW
by: ~ Megan

Good to get a photo, sorry it's skewed, but it shows that indeed something has made a meal of your plants.

Although there are a million… well at least a dozen somethings that may have eaten your plant, it's a forlorn hope that anyone else except Jinks the grower could identify the culprits.

Look for clues: Footprints? Pawprints? Abominable something prints? Look for droppings and analyze them: Possums; raccoons; rats; rabbits and so on? Any diggings such as holes, mounds or tunnels under the fence? Could a large deer reach over the fence?

Finally, if you have neighbors or a local garden shop, ask them if they have had similar local problems?

And a PS finally, put out a pot plant or something green and edible and watch and check as often as you can. Best of luck and report back eh?

Another PS: I get at least one query a day on this subject or similar. What's eating, killing, making holes and so on, in my carrots, cabbages, melons, etc?

I have to delete these requests for advice, because of no photo and also because YOU the gardener are best to do the sleuthing first. Sometimes with lots of information, especially if it's a disease or a small pest on leaves or fruit, we can help. In fact I'd love to help everybody!

Anybody else with ideas or live in that area?

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