No Dig Gardens
Clean, Green and Chemical Free

No dig gardens are the quickest, easiest way to get home grown vegetables on your dinner table.

No dig gardening or a raised garden bed, consists of layering organic materials on top of the soil to create a nutrient rich environment for your plants, in this case, vegetables.

No matter what your location, gardening the no dig way is an option for you. The garden literally composts the materials while feeding the plants.

A raised garden bed means that it doesn't matter what sort of soil you currently have. Simply layer materials over the top of your surface and start growing!

Benefits of a no dig garden or raised garden bed:

  • They're easy to build (a morning's work!)
  • They're virtually maintenance free.
  • They mirror nature to create a rich, organic environment for your plants.
  • They can be built anywhere, anytime to any design.

Gardening is sublime. It's where you can enjoy the wonder of nature close up and personally... no matter where you are. Don't let the current quality of your soil hold you back.

You will need a sunny space and a reasonably level surface or terraces. Beyond that, just add a few ingredients and you're on your way.

Oh my, where do you start? Come with me on a tour... you might like to Plan your garden first, or go straight to finding out exactly How to build a no dig garden.

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Let's get growing!

No dig vegetable garden - watering asparagus

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