Gardening Gift Ideas

The Best Garden Gifts and Vouchers for Gardeners

Your kind of good news! You can't get much better that these gardening gifts I have chosen for you. Whether you choose one or more gifts for yourself or someone else, I wish you many hours of enjoyment with them.

Grow Veg online — Vegetable plot planning software

Online Garden Planning Tool

This is rather brilliant. I must admit I was so used to jotting down on paper or a notebook seasonal plans for my vegetable garden that I didn’t think this online bizzo would inspire me. I was so wrong!

It’s a heap of fun and you can let your imagination run loose. This garden planning tool is meticulously organised and comprehensive, yet simple as pie to use. You start by drawing out your plot or allotment to scale and introduce your plants, seeds and even trees and shed etc in a scaled environment.

Choose your country — yes it adjusts for seasonal and zone differences, then lo and behold before you know it, you have your totally organized blueprint for when and where to fit everything in and when to plant, You even get reminders and updates on where and what crops to rotate, plus growing and harvesting information. It's goof proof!

The dedication and passion that inspired this planner will inspire you to now go forth into your garden with full confidence of producing successful vegetables.

Books for Gardeners

Let's not forget the joys of reading. The very good news is that whether you thrill from reading organic gardening books, or herb growing, or vegetable gardening... here are the best of the best books for you: Gardening Books

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