Cucumber and Zucchinis not growing

by Amy

I've been growing zucchini, squash, and cucumber for years and have NEVER had a good harvest. I'm not sure if it's pests getting in or not. It seems like every year my plants start off beautiful and healthy, but by mid-summer my zuke stalks are limp and laying on the ground, same with my cukes and squash. They resemble a squid or something, all splayed out on the ground with no firm stalks anymore. They eventually dry up near the spot where they were planted and die.

I've tried slicing the stalks open to look for pests but I've found nothing. When I see eggs I use insecticidal soap immediately. I've tried recovering my dry stalks and tried to get them going again to no avail. I think they get sufficient water, but I do acknowledge they probably don't get quite as much sun as they should.

Any advice? I'm tired of being disappointed and having little yield.

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Jul 21, 2015
Why vine vegetables don't grow well
by: ~ Megan

You don't say whether you have been growing these plants in the same spot each year. If you have, TIME TO CHANGE. You'd be crazy to keep having failures year after year!
Vines grow fast so need lots of sun, food and water. Miss out on any of these, and there are bound to be problems… like flat squids as you put it, sorry hard not to smile.
Can you build a raised bed to get more sun; can you train your vines up a fence? 6 hrs sun is good, more is better, but 4 hrs is probably not enough for vines, so check those sun hours.
Watering is important for vines and the big leaves can droop in hot weather but they should perk up in the cooler hours. If not, more water needed, and a good thick mulch to help keep that moisture in.
Compost each year will build up your soil for each new crop, don't forget that, as like us plants need food and like us they can't grow if the cupboard is bare!

If you think you have a pest or fungal problem, inspect closely, take a sample of the plant to the nearest garden center or advisory service, or post some photos (in a new post) on this site and we can all have a look and advise.

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