Jeyes Fluid to sterilise soil

by Barry Gray

Has anybody used Jeyes Fluid to sterilise soil. We have a bad case of wilt in the garden & the glasshouse.

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Jan 31, 2011
E. Community Gardens, Bir. UK
by: Senior Poppa

We use Jeyes Fluid every year here. We buy it up large and distribute it out to the plots and owners. As far as a fungicide goes, we think it's the safest of all, whilst still able to do the job.
Jeyes fluid is used here to get rid of any green algae growing on glasshouses and cold frames also. Any slimy places or unwanted moss, tools and pots disinfecting will be sterilised and dried up with a solution of a good tablespoon of Jeyes to a watering can of water (roughly 2 gals).

I understand the basis of Jeyes fluid is derived from what is called, Tar acids or Tar oil. It's been refined from natural tar or oil from the ground. It's not pure organic gardening, but although it will kill overwintering slugs, pupae, bugs and many fungal spores, it's not considered a dangerous chemical, nor will it affect beneficial life in soil long term or pollute waterways, as long as weak solutions are used. Our great-great grandparents used it!

Now here are some of the other gardeners uses and there are lots more. Brassica club root and root fly. Onion fly, mildew, whitefly. Diluted by half again it is good for seedlings to stop "damping off."

Jun 12, 2011
RE: Jeyes Fluid
by: Anonymous

We have been unable to buy Jeyes fluid - We have tried all over the Wellington area.

Jun 12, 2011
Jeyes fluid for garden
by: Megan

Jeyes fluid is not made in NZ now I gather, but there is a company that imports it from UK:

The other possibilities would be Mitre 10 and Moore Wilsons - I'll check them out in the near future.

Any strong disinfectant would serve a similar purpose I guess, so whatever hospitals use might suffice, and there's always condys crystals for sterilising. Having said that, I have never used any soil sterilisation method for vegetables, I hope it's because of the idea that healthy soil equals healthy plants which build up resistance to viruses and disease.

Crop rotation is not always practical in small home gardens, but for large plots it's a good insurance against plant diseases. Also commercial gardeners, which I was once with cacti and succulents, use sterilisation methods to make sure pots and soil are disease, bug and weed free, before sending plants off for sale.

Jun 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

What strength should the mix be as i have a big prob with onion fly thanks

Jul 01, 2011
Jeyes fluid soil sterilization
by: Anonymous

Why don't you follow the instructions at the top of this page and use a tablespn to a watering can of 2 gallons, that sounds mild to me. Grow you onions in a different patch if you can next year just in case.

Apr 03, 2012
using jeyes fluid
by: Anonymous

how long after using jeyes fluid can you start planting in your green house .

Apr 04, 2012
Disinfectants for garden
by: Anonymous

I read that disinfectants have gases that need to disappear before you can replant in the soil.
It can take from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on the temperature. The warmer the weather the sooner the gases disappear. It also helps to aerate the soil before planting by lightly forking it over or prodding holes.
If you are only spraying disinfectants on the plants, you will find that the soil may still contain eggs or lavae, so you should pour it on the soil too, which means you will then have to wait at least a week or more to be safe.
Give it a sniff test, if you can't smell it, then it's gone. Just my thoughts.

Apr 14, 2012
Will Jeyes Fluid damage our neighbours tree?
by: Anonymous

We have a patch of ground we wish to sterilise as this is the first time we have used it for vegetables and it has many weeds. Much of it grasses and cereal as its where the old bird table used to be. The instructions on the tin say Jeyes is suitable for this, as long as it is left for 6 weeks before doing our new planting.

However, there is a large damson tree in our neighbours garden which grows right up against our fence, which must surely have roots that go under the patch we wish to sterilise (7' to 8' Ft away from the fence). Please can you advise if the Damson tree could be adversly affected? As I would not wish to cause it damage? Please advise?


Mar 30, 2013
Jeyes fluid for gardeners.
by: Anonymous

I had an allotment in south Wales and we all used Jeyes fluid to sterilize the soil. The crop yield was excellent. One of our friends used it on his lawn with outstanding results. I'm about to use it just before going away for a month. After I come back I will plant out in Autumn for the winter crops.
Remember I'm talking about the black treacle-like viscosity of the original product and definitely not the very diluted sweet smelling fluid that you see in supermarkets.
If you spray it on the crops(to thwart caterpillars or bugs) do not use for 4 days.
Dosage was then one tablespoon to 4 or 5 litres of water. David Taylor. New Zealand

Aug 06, 2013
not for the soil on the allotment
by: george

Jeyes Fulid is a general garden disinfectant. Jeyes compound was changed recently due to health reasons. Bearng this in mind I contacted the company and ased the question ,"CAN JEYES BE USED ON THE ALLOTMRNT DISINFECT THE GROUND?"

The answer was "NO IT CAN NOT BE USED ON LAND FOR EDIBLE CROPPING" By law you can contact any company and ask for a copy of safety sheets and compound breakdown and the said sheets have to be submitted to you by law. However companys and loathe to give the inf out in writing.

I use Jeyes all the time and buy it in 1 gallon cans for £30. However, because I am aware of implications I would only recommend it for cleaning tools etc but not for the greenhouse inside

Aug 06, 2013
Tar products
by: Anonymous

this is true Jeyes is made from tar acids Tar has carcenogenic properties in it and according to Jeyes after contacting them last year by phone Jeyes should not be used on a veg patch for obvious reasons.

To ease your own mind just give jeyes a call and ask the question. The product is very good for other garden usages, hope this helps.

Feb 23, 2014
Jeyes for fantastic tomatoes
by: Kretzie

For years I battled to grow good tomatoes. Once when visiting a nursery I commented on how good the tomatoes looked - how could I get mine to grow like that ?
Answer - 1 tablespoon of Jeyes in 5 lts of water - water plants once a week with a rosehead watering can . Make sure you water all the leaves. Have the best tomatoes in the neighbourhood !!

Jul 10, 2014
To get rid of club root
by: Anonymous

Many years ago I read Lawrence Hill's articles where he stated that someone had cleared ground of club root by triple digging. i.e. placing the top oil three spits down. Hard work but may be worth a try if you are strong enough.

Sep 20, 2014
Jeyes Fluid in NZ
by: Jessie

Greetings from NZ, I would like to advise all that you can indeed buy Jeyes Fluid from Mitre 10 Mega stores in NZ for steralising your soil in plastic houses etc. The ratios are 40ml of Jeyes to 5ltrs of water. Saturation soil rate is 10ltrs per sq metre. Leave planting for 14 days.

Oct 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

Can I use Keyes on slabs to get rid of moss

Oct 22, 2014
by: grizz

There is a product on sale in the U.K. called "ARMILLATOX" which contains Jeyes Fluid and is sold as a disinfectant. In the days before we were subject to the draconian rules of the EEC, we used it as a soil drench to rid ourselves of club root and other soil bourn pests . Very diluted it was used as a spray against botrytis and other fungal pests in the greenhouse. I still use as a wash for brassica plants before planting out and as a drench along the planting row.

Oct 22, 2014
getting rid of moss
by: Anonymous

It says in this forum above that Jeyes kills moss, but what we use on our slippery paths is bleach along with a stiff bristle broom. We use the dilution recommended for bleaching clothes stains. It certainly clears the moss inbetween the path cracks and it takes away the slime on the paths and it kills any weeds.

Nov 19, 2014
Spider Mite
by: Jane

I have loads of questions regarding using Jeyes fluid in the garden and I know several people that use it on allotments but the main question I want answered is will it kill spider mite both on my fruit bushes and ornamental plants in the garden ??????

Nov 20, 2014
E U at it again
by: Anonymous

I have been reliably informed by a very nice lady at Jeyes that thanks to the meddling of the EU they now have to leave one component out of the original formula and it can no longer be used for soil sterilizing. Does anybody know of a similar priced alternative.

Feb 09, 2016
Jeyes Fluid
by: Ross

Ian am considering using Jeyes Fluid for soil sterilization in tomatoe house . Has anybody got up to date information on use of current jeyes product?

Mar 20, 2016
jayes fluid advice
by: suzanna122

hi i have used jayes fluid on two of my raised beds
and now i read all the comments about jayes fluid.
question . can i use this area to grow my veg this year or have i made a grave mistake..
help please.. suz

May 24, 2016
Jeyes Fluid to sterilise soil
by: Johnjo

I have used one tablespoon or 25ml of Jeyes in two gallons ( approx. 10 litres ) to sterilise all veg soil. Mainly used against onion rot/mould and it has helped without any noticeable effect. I'm now gonna try spraying greens and toms with same strength solution as suffered wilt maybe botrytis on Toms.

Jun 24, 2016
Tunnel Houses
by: Eddie

I use it each year to clean the plastic in my 2 Tunnel Houses and also put on the soil with a watering can leave for a week then fork it over ready for more fresh compost.

Jun 26, 2016
Jeyes fluid dilemma
by: Jay

I have just sprayed my roses with dilute Jeyes fluid disinfectant however I'm worrying now that I have murdered them!!!!! I heard it helps eradicate the blackspot spores within the plant. I have a question. Is this fluid which comes in slightly different degrees of chemical content and containers, the original real McCoy or have I completely buggered up? I keep reading that the original is not available now and also Jeyes will be discontinued by November 2016 here in the uk. I have a beautiful collection of David Austin roses, But fed up of the ugly blackspot. Have I gone too far this time?!!

Jul 18, 2016
Jeyes Fluid to kill moss on slabs
by: Franko

My neighbour used Jeyes Fluid to kill moss on his coloured slabs. It killed all the moss no problems. Only downside was that it also discoloured all his slabs!

Jul 23, 2016
Will Jeyes harm my plants
by: ~ Megan

To readers who have used Jeyes and are worried whether their plants will be harmed or not, I say that the only thing you can do is wait and see.

Other than replacing soil and plants, there's nothing else you can do... but wait. Fingers crossed your garden will be just fine and your veg fit to eat, unless you mixed up a too strong solution by mistake.

Aug 01, 2016
by: Garden Pal

I have happily used Jeyes fluid for sterilisation of pots, greenhouse, soil etc.; for years.
It is the usual story, better slightly under dose than taking a risk.
If I sterilise the soil of my allotment, I only do it every three years. I don't want a build up that may produce other problems. Like all things, in moderation is fine.

Aug 22, 2016
Season of application of Jeyes Fliud
by: Rebecca

Hi, can anyone tell me what time of year it is best to apply Jeyes sterilising fluid to garden soil that is NOT used for growing edible plants?

Aug 22, 2016
Looking fine at the moment
by: Jay

Phew!, my roses I sprayed with Jeyes look absolutely fine after spraying them with diluted fluid recently and also drenching the surrounding soil too. I am not sure if it kills everything good living in the soil though like beneficial insects and bugs so not sure if it's kind to continue??? I worry about my garden frogs ingesting anything that has come into contact with this fluid? Anyway, not sure if the Jeyes worked on the blackspot or wether I have just been extra vigilant by snipping off affected leaves and cleaning them away with more care? Either way, I love my roses regardless of blackspot and it won't stop me buying more, it's so hard for me to resist David Austin roses, I just love them.

Nov 14, 2016
Leather jackets
by: Marian

for 2 yrs my lawn dies after turning yellow because of leather jackets can i spray it with Jeyes

Dec 19, 2016
clean the greenhouse.
by: Anonymous

I have used Jeyes fliud to clean a greeshouse.Use it it on the glass and the frame.Be careful when doing this and use plenty of ventilation.I put on wellington boots and rubber gloves.

Feb 05, 2017
Jeyes fluid and worms
by: Anonymous

Earth worms are essential for breaking down organic matter. Years ago I was recommended to try Jeyes fluid for sterilising my seed bed. Being cautious I tried it on a small area and the earth worms all came to the surface obviously in distress. I never used it again. Recently I found my new garden infested with New Zealand flatworm (earth worm killers)so in a small area where I was finding them regularly I sprayed with Jeyes fluid. I found no more flat worms for 3 or 4 weeks but then they came back. So if I don't spray with JF I have flatworms and no earth worms, if I do spray I have neither.

Apr 10, 2017
Will Jeyes help eradicate mushrooms in raised flower beds?
by: Anonymous

I have two raised planters which both have soil from the same source however one has developed a mass spread of mushrooms. I have tried removing the spores and covering the soil with weed membrane but the mushrooms are still in abundance. Will Jeyes help without ruining the plants? Should I remove the plants first then saturate the soil and 'wash' the roots in a diluted solution? Any advice will be very gratefully relieved.

May 31, 2017
In the hands of a fool.
by: Anonymous

Don't use Keyes fluid unless you read the instruction .the man next-door to me is using it and about eight square feet of my garden is dead as he will be if he keeps it up.

Jun 01, 2017
by: Johnjo

I've used Jeyes to sterilise soil but it does not seem to be of help against wilt. I also have wilt in my green house. I've tried digging out the area and filling with heavily limed water as well but that's no use either. I'm going to use bleach in the hole, then dig out soil and try with fresh compost. The only method I've seen mentioned is solarisation, covering area with clear plastic for at least a month to bake the fungi to death. Best of luck.

Jul 29, 2017
Jeye Fluid retail source 2017
by: Heather

I found Jeyes last year at Mitre 10, now find it at Farmlands, an agriculture supplier.
It worked for my glasshouse last year, no blight. Watering by drip at soil level instread of aerial probably also helped the blight situation.

Aug 12, 2017
Grass grub
by: Anonymous

Would a solution of jeyes fluid be suitable to eradicate grass grub in a heavily infested lawn of 3000 Sq meters and at what mix ratio and any other relevant info at ion. Jim

Aug 30, 2017
Scab on apple tree
by: Anonymous

Can I spray my apple Tree for scab with jeyes fluid?

Nov 26, 2017
Where can I buy it from that isnot too expensive
by: Anonymous

Where can I buy Jeyes Fluid from. I dont want to buy it from a specialist cleaning company

Dec 14, 2017
Keyes fluid.
by: Anonymous

Available at cleaning specialist supplies based in Palmerston North.
I got last 5litre.
New delivery January 8th.2018.
Manufacture is discontinuing.
Likely due to poor sales.

Most excellent disinfectant, anti fungicide, anti bacterial.
Anti germicide,anti viral.

Stains everything brown.

5litres @ $14.00.
Coal tar based, organic.

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