pumpkins and cantaloupe going rotten

by Jodi
(Mt. Vernon IN, USA)

My canteloupe and pumpkins are growing but when they get to a decent size they get soft and rot. Why?

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Aug 15, 2009
Melons and pumpkins rotting
by: ~ Megan ~

Your cantaloupe fruits may have rotted simply because they are sitting in a puddle? If not a puddle, then damp conditions which attracted rot, slugs or snails and any living things that could find a way in to eat your melons and pumpkins.
Best to put some sort of layer carefully under each fruit, such as rest them on a couple of bricks, bottles, or wood etc. You can string up melons and similar in pantyhose or mesh potato bags using stakes as a tripod or nearby tree branch or fence. These vines can happily grow upwards, so (strong) netting on a fence or a frame works well too. ~ Megan ~

Apr 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

You might have a squash vine borer problem. These little maggots bore into the vines of any vining plants plugging them up and killing the fruit. They come from a red and black moth that looks more like a bee than a moth. Just research them on-line.

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