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Diggers Rest – Less lawn; Eco gardening tips; Spooky Salad
October 16, 2015

October 2015 Issue #122


What fun that we both love gardening. Thanks for joining me.

1) Less lawn
2) Eco gardening tips
3) Spooky Salad

Halloween witch cats

Halloween! It will soon be October 31st. Here in NZ we don't celebrate it as much as in US, but its popularity is growing. So there's no time like the present to start planning or growing yourself a monster; click How to grow a giant pumpkin

Like chocolate, no self-restraint is needed to enjoy
No dig Vegetable Garden's FACEBOOK page. Love to see you there to read the latest news and tidbits!

Raring to grow

The FAQ section is the place where the beautiful people hang out... earthy and raring to grow. And here's a teeth gnashing challenge—gnats! Who's got some control ideas for gnat's on my garden hay?

Eco gardening tips

  • Less lawn, less bugs
    Lots of grubs from grass grubs to Japanese beetles love lawns. They burrow down away from the cold and spend the winter there. In spring, up they come and hatch into flying or crawling bugs/beetles. They eat your plants and lay eggs which quickly hatch in warm weather. There go your plant roots, particularly grass roots… gobble, gobble, gobble.

    That's a very basic idea of beetles' lifestyle, however all beetles have different preferences and timing. What I'm saying is that the more lawn area you have, the more grub and bug pests you'll have. Organic control for small areas is possible, see Organic garden pest control.

  • Video recorder
    This might sound corny, but it is a very wise gardening tip that apparently won a prize...

    There are many good gardening programs on TV but often at inconvenient times. Don't the station programmers realize that we gardeners are out in the garden during all possible daylight hours? So learn to record gardening, or any programs, to watch later.

  • Zip up your seeds
    I saw this in action, so it is very effective. Don't fiddle around with paper bags, use zip lock bags (left-over ones from lunches will do). To catch the ripe seeds, put bag over seed-head of say, broccoli or onions etc and zip up.

    With this method you don't have to worry about rain and it seems to help ripen the seed heads well. Watch out for condensation and don't store the seeds in the bag unless it's bone dry.

Growing veg


Want to know what vegetables to plant?

Want to know when to plant them?

The GroVeg Garden Planner is your answer. Click here for a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL!

Halloween pumpkin salad faceCredit: FreeFunHalloween

Spooky Salad

So healthy, so simple... it's spooky!


  • Baby carrots or carrot sticks
  • Olives
  • Cucumbers
  • Broccoli
  • Round Tray
  • Dressing (juice 1 lemon/1 Tbln apple cider vinegar/1 Tbln olive oil).


  • Mix the dressing; can be one you choose or a mix of oil and/or lemon juice and vinegar.
  • Put carrots, cucumber slices and broccoli florets in dressing and toss to coat lightly.
  • Arrange the vegetables as a pumpkin face, using the olives to form the eyes and nose.

NOTE: You can use fewer carrots and make the mouth larger with more cucumber slices.

Preparation: 5-10 minutes.

Happy gardening

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