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we just tried for the first time bales of hay for our garden, followed directions to the T and now as the heat rises, we are being consumed by gnats.. how do we get rid of them.. Its unbelievable.

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Oct 12, 2015
by: Ellen from Georgia

This is how I get rid of gnats in the house don't know if it will work out side. I get a small bowl fill it up with apple cider vinegar a small amount of dawn dish soap on my finger. Then spread this around the rim of the dish. This works really good in the kitchen and in the other rooms of the house. Ellen from Georgia

Oct 16, 2015
Get rid of gnats NEW
by: Bitty Bits

Get a bucket full of sand and cover the surfaces of any soil or compost. The sand should be dry, and it should stay there for as long as it takes for the life-cycle of gnats and their eggs to stop - not sure how long that is, maybee a few days or week. It worked on our pot plants and the plants in our courtyard. Hey hey, no more biting little horrors!

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