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Puppies chew furniture legs; mechanics wives' cars don't go; keys go walkabout; money disappears into thin air... these things are predictable.

Is NATURE predictable?

Nature demands consideration and will always outgun us; but what we don't know is how, where and when.

Gardening questions and answers dishes the dirt.

Best of all, YOU — my gardening friends — can ask and answer the garden problems and queries too.

Choose a subject from the list below and click the link.

You will then be able to ask your gardening question relating to that subject. You can also answer questions there and read other gardening questions and answers.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK FIRST that your topic is not already covered on this website, by typing a relevant word(s) into this search box:

Vegetable growing problems
Wondering about a particular vegetable? Curious to know something about a herb? Scratching your head over some veggies that don't seem to be growing the way they should? Anything to do with vegetables themselves can be mulled over here.

Garden pests, garden diseases, weeds and problems
Want to know what to do about a 2-legged, 4-legged, many-legged critter? Need advice on weeds, fungus, deficiencies and poisons in the garden. From bothersome birds to beneficial bugs, how can we share or help you?

Garden Materials, Soil, Compost and Mulch
Rocks or rotten stuff, timber or tyres (tires to some), manure or mulch, compost or containers, soil or sawdust... if it's some material that is part of your garden, this page is where you ask and answer. rabbit to help gardening

General organic garden problems and all other miscellaneous gardening questions
If you have a question or some gardening subject to discuss and it doesn't seem to fit in any other category, hop in here...

See you over the page . . .

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