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Hi there, I'm Megan. I think I'm an addict as I get all jittery if I don't get my regular gardening fix. The idea to have this website came as a way to justify my earthy, dirty obsession with things that grow in the night... and day!

Megan - About a Gardener

Because I've found out how to do X, Y and Z in the garden, I thought it would be great to share. It's working well so far; as you my reader friends all love getting your hands, knees, toes... okay just your gloves dirty too! It's good to know you are not alone, isn’t it?

Join me... grow stuff with flavours that will send you to the moon and back. Plant peas, strawberries, turnips, leafy this and thats and put those babies on the table and watch them disappear like a magician’s rabbit.

I want to do a lot of things, I have dreams and schemes, but I must garden. Even if the world completely stopped and waited for me to catch up, I would never complete my life's to-do list... so I may as well enjoy a spot of gardening here and there.

I've lost track of the many gardens I've made in my lifetime!

I had a wonderful cacti and succulent nursery for many years when I was married to a horticulturist/farmer. Before that, we lived in Nottingham, UK for several years — a while ago now in my early 20's — we made a no-dig garden of mostly roses, fruit trees and herbs, down the side of the property. I had never experienced such cold weather before, having come from a temperate climate in New Zealand.

The garden was one of those oblong plots fenced off from a row of a dozen others, out the back of a block of flats (or terraced houses as the English call them) where we lived (froze) upstairs.

Later in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 years my sons helped me with a terraced organic no-dig wonder that grew massive vines and veggies.

In Sydney, Australia I had a prolific balcony garden of pots. It supplied most of the greens and herbs for 15 years.

Megan in her organic garden

Now I'm back in my home city, Wellington NZ. It's a wild, windy and hilly place by the sea, with lots of rocky, clay soil.

Thanks to compost, mulch and other handy materials, there is always some edibles growing out the back and I can easily pick a salad, herbs or bunch of something to stir-fry.

So I sometimes, but not always, sort-of passionately, know what I'm doing! So glad you've joined me... gardening is a never-ending learning experience.

Thanks to family and friends who provide help with editing, opinions and anecdotes for this website. And also of course, as we sit outside with a cup of herb tea or something stronger, a bit of sunshine and some bare feet, some sharing and tasting on the actual 'live' stuff from our gardens.

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