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All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt... and a little spot of home grown veggies with maybe a few turnips and strawberries...oh don't forget a lemon tree...and of course, some flowers!

pink and white rose

Yes I know this site is focused on vegetable gardening but I challenge any gardener worth their secaturs to refuse a cutting of a beautiful plant from their neighbour...

... And they've simply got to plant that packet of flower seeds their friend or grandchild gave them.

Who can resist the temptation to pop in a bit of something-or-other here and find a place for this whats-its-name there!

Go on, that's you isn't it?

Below are some specific pages to provide tips, tricks and good old fashioned information on how to get started, no matter where you live or what other gardens you put in. Enjoy...

Growing Flowers

pretty blue small flowers

Sigh... I just love me some pretty flowers!


Growing Fruit

Grow your own fruit, girl eating apple

Hot dog...grow your own fruit. How teeth tingling can you get!


Ecological Gardening

dove and branch, ecological gardens

Let's all make sure our world is in good nick for future generations.


Jeannie's Garden

wild dandelion weeds in eco garden

A first hand account of how one person decided to touch base with the land.


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