Growing Flowers Organically

Every garden is growing flowers or shrubs of some sort. It's fundamental to our concept of a garden.

Growing Flowers.  Car with flowers blooming

Flower growing, along with vegetables, shrubs and trees, will bring you great rewards and satisfaction if you follow the ecologically sustainable practices of nature using no dig gardening methods.

The wisdom of growing flowers

Consider this: Back in the days when only pianos had a tuna, there were less tins of food and less florists. People used florists for special occasions like wreaths, corsages, romantic gestures and weddings.

Growing flowers went side by side along the garden path, and home grown flowers were picked for the mantlepiece, to give to a teacher, neighbour, or hospital patient... often wrapped with newspaper and string.

The beauty was in the flowers. The thought was expressed as the flowers were picked fresh, unique and imperfect and grown and given from the heart and home of the giver.

Forget supermarket style flowers and wasted wrappings, who needs exotic imports and chocolates nestled besides the flowers in their box (me, me!) and let's get growing flowers with real scents... not an accompanying small bottle of perfume; and real bugs... not plastic clip-ons.

Flower gardening tips

  • Try to plant mostly species that are native to your area. There are many reasons for this but the best one is that those plants will do best where you live! Don't get stuck in a high maintenance routine for something that simply isn't suited to your area.
  • Plant species that will attract local fauna. Help native animals, birds, frogs and insects by providing suitable habitats for them. You will be rewarded many times over when they discover where you live.
  • Plan what you want from your garden. A colour scheme? Flowering year round? What will really thrill and inspire you?

Here's a link to to inspire you to grow flowers for companion planting.

Growing Flowers - bunch of daisies in hand

And on the subject of flowers
... and chocolates,
the date of my birthday is...
... oh thankyou.

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