Apple tree companion planting

I have a potted apple tree and would like to plant something under the tree in the same pot. I also have a cat that has to taste everything in my garden, so it needs to be organtic and non poisonous and not attract other cats.

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Feb 27, 2013
Apples in a Pot
by: Kiwi George

An interesting idea but I would be wary of depleting the nutrients in the pot with additional plants as due to their small volume compared with open ground, pots have a finite amount of of plant food available. If you provide additional nutrients you may be OK but my experience tells me no.
Kiwi George

Feb 27, 2013
Companion plants for under apple trees
by: Ali

Mulch is best, otherwise I would suggest herbs are your best bet. In particular from the onion family, as these are not attractive to cats. Chives, garlic and onions. Also nasturtiums have a peppery taste, and are good companions for most plants and look good in tubs.

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