Asparagus problems

by Dawn Keilen
(Lansing, MI)

Some of my asparagus is coming up but looking very dry/wilted, some with a yellow tinge? Do I have a vitamin deficiency in my soil?

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May 16, 2012
Growing asparagus problems
by: ~ Megan

Asparagus is so delicious when freshly picked from the garden, that it is a shame not to have those lovely spears plump and healthy.

Asparagus are heavy feeders and need lots of water and nutrients. They need several inches of compost each year and some top-ups of liquid fertilizer during the picking season.
I'd say that you need to feed and water your asparagus quickly, they need plenty of nitrogen and other minerals for healthy growth.
It's best to have the compost on well before the spring growth so that the plants can get all the nutrients as they do their growth spurt, but for now give them a weekly dose of compost tea or other liquid fertilizer, and don't let your plants dry out.
Plenty of sun is important too.

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