Beginner at vegetable gardening

by anuja
(shillington, pa, usa)

This is my first attempt at growing a vegetable garden. I have grass in my backyard and some of my backyard is on a slope which has grass and stones in it. How do i start a vegetable garden???

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Apr 07, 2009
I'm a beginner too
by: Oralia

This website is full of information on how to start your vegetable garden. I started mine from seeds this year and I'm waiting for the outdoors to get warmer so I could transplant them. I learned from this website how to create a "no dig" garden which is what I'm doing soon and I will be starting a 'vertical' garden for my climbing vegetables like cucumbers, melons, squash and zucchini. It takes a few hours of reading different websites to get the most information but it's well worth the time. I suggest buying some seeds now or starter plants and while they are germinating start informing yourself from this website and others on how best to develop your garden. Good Luck!

May 04, 2009
New to gardening
by: Hazel Twig

Is your slope South or North facing?
My slope is North facing so I used old pallets to build up "level" ground. I filled these areas with old straw then covered with aged compost and covered all with natural fibres or plastic sheeting (in my case old carpets). This warms the soil and helps break down the straw so that when you come to plant the soil is nice and warm for those precious little seedlings.
The beauty of this idea is that you can easily adapt to make raised beds or terrace the garden.

I also plant potatoes in straw beds.
Cover the required area with wedges of straw. Soak for 2 or 3 days until sodden (or leave for several onths over winter - saves water and bills). Lay seed spuds on top. Cover with loose straw. As the greenery comes through just add more loose straw. Check occasionally to make sure it isn't drying out - which (in theory) it shouldn't do, but it might.
When the flowers have faded just lift the loose straw and you have nice, clean spuds.

Good Luck
Hazel Twig

May 16, 2011
Beginner at Vegetable Gardening
by: Sharo Fisher

To get success in your vegetable garden, you have to start with small and expand your garden space as your gardening skills and expertise improve. You can choose to cultivate and prepare a larger space, yet plant only a section. Cultivate the soil well, removing rocks, roots and weeds. Use a garden tractor or cultivator to break up dirt clods and aerate the ground. Vegetables require nutrient rich, well-drained soil. Soils in east Texas are often deficient in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. Cover the garden with a 6- to 8-inch layer of organic compost. For more details on vegetable gardening refer to

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