Black Beauty Eggplant turned yellow, not black.

by Liz
(Portarlington, Victoria, Australia)

Hi, I planted 4 Eggplant and they grew well, flowered and set green fruit which have now turned yellow instead of black, what has happened, is it my fault or was the weather too hot or what, I am so disappointed.

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Apr 08, 2014
Eggplants turning yellow reason
by: Anonymous

They love hot weather and mine grow further north in Aust than you. They don't like too much humidity and temp changes though. Mostly it sounds like your eggplants are overripe, which is when they turn yellow or sometimes a pale pink or white colour.

Sep 13, 2014
mine too..
by: Cyndi

Every site I have seen says they are overripe...well they went from green to yellow never turning the dark purple I usually get.. No time to get ripe never mind overripe. I am not the only gardener I my area this has happened to. Stumped...

Feb 02, 2019
I get these fruits from time to time
by: Anonymous

All the sites I've seen say they are over-ripe as well and I think that's all rubbish. I've been growing Black Beauty for years now and I save the seeds and replant every year. My original seed stock came from Burpee Seeds who has been selling these since 1902.

Some plants I've grown have given me more than one kind of fruit, all on the same plant. In addition to the classic black beauties (very large, slightly ribbed, pear-shaped, black skin) I've also gotten large, purplish fruits with lovely white and green stripes and specks as well as smaller, cream coloured ones with green stripes. Much like the ones you've described, these fruits also remind me of an heirloom variety called Toga. I've eaten these yellowy ones and they are all delicious, best marinated and grilled as kabobs. I suspect they might also be good roasted for a curry though I have not tried that as yet. Nothing wrong with them, just different fruit and I use them for different dishes when cooking. I grow several plants each year so when I do get an odd one, I still have plenty of the others for cooking the classic Italian recipes.

I suspect that some of my fruits are expressing traits of the heirloom varieties
that were used to create Black Beauty over one hundred years ago. Just a hunch.

Mar 09, 2020
I have the same
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing but I have different varieties and one plant is nearly 2 years old. I think in my case I have some sort of larvae in my fruit as all that I have cut open have someone living in them

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