Brussel Sprouts not firmed up

by Maureen
(South Yorkshire)

I set seeds of 'Evesham Special' sprouts on 11 Mar this year and subsequently pricked out into 3" individual pots and when fully established in pots planted out into a raised bed on the allotment, firstly firming down the bed.

They are now 3 foot high and have formed many sprouts but they are all blown. The plants look really healthy and very sturdy having been staked early on.

On testing the ph of the soil it registers around 6.5 to 7 and I only use chicken manure or blood fish and bone for fetilizer.

I also planted a second sowing of 'Green Marble' sprouts, a fdew weeks later, which are almost as high as above and in the same bed and they seem to be forming firm tight sprouts.

Any idea why the Evesham Special have not performed?

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Oct 12, 2012
Brussels planted wrong time NEW
by: Andy

Hi Maureen
For me living in a similar climate to you I think, cold to temperate north hemisphere, I wouldn't have a hope in a garden of many anticipatory hopes of growing Brussels at that time of year.
Brussels are the hardest of all those cabbagey plants to grow if the weather is hot, or even warm! I'm surprised your Brussels even got to grow that tall without bursting out with leaves and flowering. No way would they be able to form proper firm Brussels.
I would sow seeds about mid summer and plant out late summer so they get a bit of growth before it gets too cold and then anytime the climate is right in mid to late winter, those mouth-watering brussels will have formed and be ready to eat.

Oct 13, 2012
Brussel Sprouts NEW
by: Maureen

Thanks for your view Andy but some of our plot holders on the allotments have firm brussels ready for picking right now!

Oct 16, 2012
it's all edible anyway NEW
by: A

Don't know about you others, but if I have trouble with brusselsprouts which is every so often some years dont no why I still eat them. Lots of my vegetables dont look like they should but they still go down well enuff. Brussels are like wee cabbages anyway so just because they are not wee balls, does not mean to say you can't cook them up or dice them into a salad.

My problem is usually getting them in too late becasue I try to avoid the aphids swamping them in warm weather but if i get them in earlier they grow well in fact too well so I get aphids and then they don't make the wee balls right. It's good green stuff, tastes nice and must be good for us right?

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