Butternut pollenation problem

by Alfred

I tried to pollenate my butternut with a small brush but there was no pollen on the male flowers, why is this?

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Aug 25, 2011
No pollen on butternut flowers
by: ~ Megan

The best way for even pollination to occur is to have plenty of bees visit your flowers as many times as possible. Try and grow some flowers, or let some of your herbs flower nearby to encourage more bees in the future.

A small soft brush can be used to help with pollination, or you can also carefully pluck a male flower and rub it gently into a female flower.

But if there is absolutely no pollen then it will most likely be the fault of the weather.
Butternuts don't like cold and dehiscence — which is when the male pollen sacks split open to release their pollen — occurs when it's warm enough. The daytime temperature needs to be at least 54° C (12° F) before successful pollination occurs. In fact it should be this temperature by early morning because that's generally when the flowers open and the bees are busy visiting.
The humidity also needs to be high enough at this time to stop the pollen dehydrating. The bees themselves also dislike flying in cold weather or low humidity.

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