Can you help me identify these house plants?

by Miranda

Name of this plant?

Name of this plant?

I have three plants that I can't seem to figure out. I had a bunch but managed to find out what they were by writing descriptive words and going to Google Images, but I just can't find these ones! Please help!

Thanks for helping!

Megan replies: I've uploaded the photos first, then referenced them in the images section so they'll show - otherwise readers have to copy and paste your links. Nice plants - hope someone knows an answer or two?

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Oct 22, 2011
Last plant!
by: Miranda

I've managed to identify the first two and now it's just the last one that still eludes me! The hanging plant is a Sedum sieboldii mediovariegatum, and the second one is golden club moss. But I still don't know what that last one is, keep in mind that it's rather large, standing at about 2 feet. Here are a couple links to more photos of it just in case that helps!


Oct 22, 2011
Is it a Ficus?
by: Caroline

The 3rd plant could be a Ficus, try Ficus microcarpa var. Green Island Ficus? But I can't tell if the leaves are more fleshy like a succulent and if they are then it's not a Ficus.

I got the Sedum sieboldii too, but you beat me to it. I thought the moss was sphagnum, sphagnem? at first. Caroline.

Oct 25, 2011
I don't think it's a ficus
by: Miranda

Hi Caroline, thanks for your comment! I'm still not sure what it is. It seems to be close to the Peperomia family, but the leaf growing pattern doesn't match, so I'm still not sure!

The moss is definitely Golden Club Moss (Krauss' Spikemoss).


Jul 22, 2014
third plant
by: Angela

A PEPEROMIA!!! I think the third plant is a peperomia. That's what it looks like to me :)

Nov 02, 2014
3rd Plant
by: Anonymous

...or perhaps a Clusia?

Jan 20, 2015
2nd plant
by: Anonymous

The second plant is luck moss or some kind of moss.

Jun 20, 2016
Clusia Rosea
by: Anonymous

And another year later- yes. It is a clusea rosea. I have the same. Hah!

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