Can't grow green beans in my box garden.

by Angelica
(Alva, FL, u.s.)

I'm trying to grow green beans in a box garden in south florida. I planted in March and the plants grew well until they got about a foot tall and then they starts yellowing and slowly dying from the bottom up. I water once a day and fertilize every 45-60 days. This is the third time I've planted and I always get the same result. What am I doing wrong? Oh, and I'm planting seeds' not sproutlings. Help! Frustrated and ready to give up. Would they do better in the ground instead of a box garden? The box garden is about 4 foot by 8 foot and 6-7 inches deep.

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May 26, 2013
Poor Beans NEW
by: kiwi George

Hi Angelica. My experience is that when a plant is dying from the bottom up it means the new growth on the top is claiming all the nutrients so the logical cure is more food but be aware that as the plants are apparently still young, the food will need to be relativelybweak and progressively stonger as the plant recovers. My preference would be liquid manure applied after a thorough watering. The 6-7 inch depth of soil you state you are growing in seems to me to be rather thin as it will not hold much in the way of nutrients. The above comments are made assuming that there are no bugs such as mites feeding on the underside of the leaves as they can very rapidly claim most of the food the plant should be receiving. best of luck.
Kiwi George

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