Cement next to my garden. Any chemicals leach into plants?

by Lisa

Is it safe to plant next to my cement patio, or could the cement leach a chemical into plant? I want to plant blueberry bushes/raspberry bushes and don't want anything going into the bushes, and therefore the fruits?

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Jun 05, 2010
Concrete safe for garden
by: Megan

Concrete is safe and happily used by millions of gardeners worldwide next to their plants. Concrete is mostly sand and cement, which is a natural mineral anyway.
There is apparently a possibility of minute amounts of lime leaching into surrounding soil, which in most gardens would be beneficial, but don't plant acid loving plants within about 15cms from concrete. Berries are acid loving so as a precaution add some wood chips, pine needles, leaves or sawdust.

Feb 25, 2012
by: megan h.

thank you! finally. great answer.

May 23, 2020
Cement contains heavy metals
by: Lara Harding

Hello, you might like to inveztigate fly ash, which is now used in cement. It is a waste product from coal fired electricity plants. There are lots of studies into leaching into soil. I am not sure what the level of risk is. Best to look into it. Flyash contains heavy metals.

May 27, 2021
Dirty brown grout water
by: Anonymous

Some dirty Brown grout water was accidentally spilt on soil that we now have set vegetables does this poison the vegetables and therefore unable to eat

May 28, 2021
safe soil from dirty water NEW
by: Arianna

You should see what we had after building!!!
Best to use compost to fix anything in the soil. We have built up our horrid, cement,nails, paint and unknown poisons and chemicals garden with compost, compost, compost. Also anything you can scrounge like used coffee grains from cafes, grass clipping, leaves, coco shells etc from neighbors or businesses - chuck it all on your garden or in compost to mix a bit first. Don't forget some animal stuff too, like horse shit etc.
Grow your plants and if they look weird, toss them, but they might be fine!!

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