Chilli Pepper - Hot Banana

by Richard Pinckney
(Temecula Calif)

Yesterday July 14th I was cleanig a backyard of weeds and abondoned plants when I came across a hot banana chilli plant. The peppers were already dried out and the plant hadn't been watered for a long time.
The plant is still alive, so if I repot it do you think it will produce again? I live in Temecula Calif and we are having a serious heatwave with temps 95 to 100 for the next 5 days Your thoughts and solutions please.

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Jul 26, 2010
Saving a Hot Banana Chilli Pepper plant
by: Megan

It may be too late by now... but if the leaves on the chili plant are not too limp or dried out, then replant and give the poor plant a drink, cut off the dried chillis and with a bit of luck and if the summer keeps going, you may get more flowers and thus chillis.
If just the stems are Ok, then prune it hard and it may sprout new growth for you. Sometimes chilli plants grow as perennials, and sometimes it's best to sow new seed or plant each year.

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