Control wandering jew

by paul

how do i get rid off this plant it just wont go away

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Oct 23, 2011
Wandering Jew (Ajuga)
by: Kiwi George

Hi Paul. Yep, been there got rid of the b****r by "painstakingly" pulling out each piece, big and small until it does not come back, if only our vegetables were as good at re-propagating. The problem is any and every piece you leave behind will regrow. The "other" cure, (if you are not a greenie like Megan and I) is Roundup (shudder, horror). I have used this "green" method to rid my patch of Onion Weed, I'm working on the Ivy and the Creeping Butercup but there is an up side, all the plants I don't want are recycled through my compost bins or turned into liquid fertiliser by soaking a sack of them in a barrel until they rot and using the outcome for foliar feed as they have absorbed the nutrients I have supplied to my garden and these are recycled and not wasted.
Happy picking

Nov 06, 2011
How to kill weeds like wandering jew
by: Joey

Clear plastic on hot days will burn anything underneath including wandering jew and all those rhizome type grasses. Get big sheets from those appliance sellers or builders suppliers or other. They have them left over from packing. Perfect for recycling in the garden!

Leave the plastic for long enough to kill any deep roots, it could take months depending on weather. Black plastic will work differently because you are cutting out the light, so you need to seal the edges with rocks or boards so that the shoots of the weeds don't escape out the sides in search of light.

When everything is dead and you are using the area again it is easy to pull out the odd bit that grows if it does at all.

May 10, 2012
Wandering Jew control NEW
by: Anonymous

Bamboo leaves as thick as you can lay them as a mulch seems to work wonders.

Mar 31, 2013
by: T Davis

Thank you!!!! I have dealt with this pest for 3 years. It came out of nowhere, I never planted it. I couldn't even see my roses last year for this plant choking everything. Now this year again, I see millions of them coming up. They seem to hop sidewalks and everything to spread! The battle is on!

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