cucumber leaves dying from bottom up yellowing/brown spots

by Lisa
(Lake Havasu City, Az. USA)

cuke plant

cuke plant

I have my cucumber plant in a raised bed with my sugar baby watermelons & birdhouse gourd. Recently I noticed that its bottom leaves were dying & dropping. First they yellowed around the edges & had yellow spots then dry crispy brown spots before falling off. Now I noticed there is a big bare section on it.
I also noticed my birdhouse gourd has a couple of holes near the base of its stem and its flowers brown & die off. (just thought maybe this could be related to cuke problem).
I filled the raised bed with peat, cow manure and regular potting soil. This is a new garden, I have pics.

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Jun 22, 2017
Cucumber leaves
by: Ellen

Did you check the bottom side of the leaves for eggs? It happened to my squash plants first they turn yellow then the eggs all over the under side of the leaves. I took the leaves off put them in a bucket of water. It was the squash borer

Jun 25, 2017
Nothing under the leaves
by: lisa

Yes, I checked under the leaves & they seemed clear of anything. But thanks for commenting! I appreciate it!

Jun 30, 2017
Cucumber leaves turning yellow then brown spots NEW
by: ~ Megan

Maybe fungus, maybe anthracnose, or could be downy mildew. You still should get a decent crop, but try and stop the spread of the fungus or blight by removing any badly affected leaves and spraying others with milk. Try a half water half full-cream milk first. Also make some chamomile tea, let cool and spray leaves all over with this.

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