Dates for planting vegetables - When to plant potatoes?

by Phoenix
(Motueka, New Zealand)

What are the best dates for planting different vegetables. For example, when is the last date for putting in a potato crop?
We are in the Motueka area (top of the south island, New Zealand)?<


Megan says...
For all potato growers in all areas, if you want to know when to plant potatoes, and in fact when to sow and plant most vegetables, have a read of our Sowing guides.

I reckon Motueka would be classed as Southern Hemisphere, temperate climate, so it's a bit late to put in a potato crop after February.

Despite what the sowing guides say, and despite what your neighbours grow and despite what it seems, there are often exceptions about when to do what with gardens. Huh?

Well, I've inherited a tamarillo tree where I currently live. It's nearly dead because the boundary trees are shading out the sun more and more each day. It's simply planted in the wrong place, but it's too big to shift. RIP.

Next door, my gardening fanatic neighbour, Arabella, has a thriving tamarillo tree in a sheltered position with full sun. I also remember having a tamarillo tree growing in a most unsuitable climate once, BUT it was planted in a sunny corner between a house and stone chimney so all winter it kept snug and produced lots of fruit.

A crop of something will grow in a sunny facing field, whereas slightly over the rise it would sulk. So always bear in mind your own little part of the world when you're planning your garden.

Sun, wind, shelter, position and so on, can all make a difference to plants... just like us.

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