Eggplant flowering but no fruit

by Sarai

My plant is healthy with beautiful purple flower blossoms, but it's not bearing fruit. I planted it as a young plant in my green house. It's grown and it looks very healthy all around. But no fruit!?

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Aug 11, 2015
Egg plant
by: Ellen from Georgia

When I planted my three egg plants in the garden, first thing I did was bring a bucket of compost. I use chicken compost, the hens work the soil for me. I keep it in a huge garbage can, I fill the hole for the egg plants then put the egg plant in and fill it up with compost. Keep it watered don't let it dry out especially in this heat. I lost one of the egg plants but the other two have two egg plants on each plant. Ellen from Georgia

Aug 13, 2015
Getting eggplants to fruit
by: Art

Growing in a green house! That could be the problem. No wind, no bees, so pollination could be your answer. Eggplant flowers, like others of the same such as tomatoes, self-pollinate so each flower can pollinate itself, but a bit of help is good. Try shaking each plant, or give the flowers a gentle flick each day or so. You should soon start to see some eggplant fruit beginning to form.

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