eggplant problems

by Theodora Clark
(Sells Arizona United States)

My eggplant flower and produce fruit then get 5 inches long then become soft and wilted then a yellow brown color

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Oct 25, 2011
Soft & Soggy Eggplant
by: Kiwi George

Hi Theodora. Yep, been there had the same problem with many vegetables until I eased off on the nitrogenous fertilisers (horse and sheep manure)and added more seaweed to my feeding regime both foliar and root feed application methods. If you are not as lucky as Megan and I to live close by or have ready access to the seashore, you may have to use commercial/chemical amendments, ie. potassuim, magnesium and trace element mix which is what seaweed supplies. I have this year been mulching with seaweed straight from the seashore as it not only feeds my plants but deters my neighbour's cats in a more acceptable manner than the electric fence I built. I forget about washing the salt off it as when it is collected from above the high tide mark the rain will have washed the salt off and even if there is some salt it is organic.
Good Luck

Nov 20, 2011
Eggplant problems
by: Karla

Also check the leaves for flea beetles and mites which can eat holes and cause the leaves to suffer. This can cause the eggplants to stop growing and wither. Cold weather is terrible for eggplants but if you are growing in Arizona this should not be a problem unless you get chilly nights.

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