Green Manure Crop

by Heather

I have grown a green manure crop of lupins, mustard and oats for the first time and am wondering now that it has been dug in if there is any crop that would be more suitable to plant in that area.

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Sep 07, 2011
What to plant after a cover crop
by: ~ Megan

Sounds great. It helps to let the ground settle and the fresh material begin breaking down before you replant. Also the negative allelopathic tendency of some cover crops like oats, means that you should hold off planting new crops in the same place for 3 weeks at least. (Allelopathic: Exuding chemicals which suppress growth and seed germination of other plants.)

Heavy feeders will love your new plot. All the leafy vegetables from lettuce to brassicas; celery, melons, cucumbers, squashes such as zucchini and more. Sweet corn and tomatoes will also love this plot.

Don't try the root crops such as carrots, because they need finer tilth and dislike fresh compost material.

There's more information here: Crop Rotation

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