Green moss covering garden

by Mary

Each year I have a good garden and this year nothing but a problem. I planted in good soil, but it has rained so much it is drowning in puddles. A green moss like carpet is covering the garden, when it first started I raked it off the top but now it is back very strongly and am worried I will lose the garden. Never saw this before at all. Lots of heavy downpours of rain, but next 2 days none expected and 80 degree temps so it will help to dry things out a bit. What should I do to get rid of the green moss and will it harm or infect the plants in any way? Should I rake it off, turn the soil or what? I love my garden and am so upset about this, please help. I look forward to a response. Thanks

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Jul 02, 2009
Green moss covering garden
by: Megan

Please cheer up. It's not too bad, most likely due to the soil being acidic and needing some lime. If you very lightly sprinkle lime on, the moss will die and you can then rake it off. Sprinkle some more lime on and work it a bit into the soil. If you're not sure of your soil conditions you may like to buy a soil testing kit and test the pH.

Having little or no sun on your garden, along with wet or humid conditions can also encourage moss and other fungus growths.

Some very small plants may be affected, but perennials and bigger plants should be fine.

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