Growing Runner beans in same spot each year

by Doris
(London, England)

Is it a good or bad idea to grow runner beans in the same spot year after year? The opinions on this are deeply divided.
Thanks for your help, Doris

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Nov 27, 2011
Growing Runner Beans... NEW
by: Carla

Hello Doris,

Not sure about growing runner beans in the same area, but vegetables tend to do better if you rotate the plantings year after year.

I do know a place where they grow scarlet runners on a fence across their yard year after year and always have a large crop.

Hope you find a good answer which will help.

Carla from Washington State

Nov 27, 2011
Growing beans NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Doris. My experience which is based on 100% organic gardening is to rotate crops as much as possible to avoid bug/disease problems BUT (emphasis intended) if your soil is in great condition and the chemical balance is OK, the usual problems of repeat cropping in the same patch should not be a problem. The co-location of Tagetes are additional insurance as they will attract the beneficials who all help with bug control. Regarding the bean climbing frame, I acknowledge relocation of it may be a problem and disinfecting of the frame with an organic compound should destroy any wintering over bugs eggs etc.

Jun 04, 2012
If it's not broke, don't fix it NEW
by: CannedAm

If you have any bug or disease problems with your beans, plant them somewhere else for a couple years. I've been planting my scarlet runners in the same place for the past 4 years and have had no problems. No pests, no diseases. Normally I move things around, but with the beans it doesn't seem to mater. We get bean beetles going after our bush beans, but they never bother the scarlet runners.


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