Growing Vegetables upside down - Hanging Garden Quandry

by Kathy
(Ontario, Canada)

This coming Spring I intend to grow most of my garden (eggplant, peas, beans, cucumbers,melons, tomatoes, etc,) in hanging buckets & bags. The question is this....If some of the fruits & vegetables are not fully ripe at the end of season. May I bring the buckets & bags into shelter & let them continue to grow & ripen thru the winter?
Thank You Kathy P.


Megan says...
Absolutely, you can move your hanging planters or vegetable bags whenever you want. Just make sure that they receive enough light and warmth to continue ripening and growing if necessary.
Also remember that growing upside-down plants in containers requires almost daily watering, plus attention to feeding because the roots are restricted.
Watch your back if you do have to move your vertical plants, they get very large and heavy!
~ Megan

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