Grub worms in my vegetable garden.

by Dara
(Denver, CO)

We received a free truck load of aged manure/compost off craigslist, from a farm here in Colorado. It is riddled with grub worms, in every stage of the life cycle!! Which I have learned is 4 years under the soil, eating roots, etc. before they finally become beetles and fly away.

I've read that milky spore doesn't really work. Or we can cook the soil, which I would have to do at the end or begenning of the season would cut my already shortened growing season even shorter, small price to pay.

Is it as bad as I am thinking, maybe 1 large grub can only eat a little, and is there an organic way to save my garden this year, that is if they are ruining it?

Every scoop of dirt has a few grubs :(

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Apr 23, 2013
%@#$ grubs!
by: C.coyote

Well, i got the same prob! 2 yrs ago, i reseeded my entire yard. When it was stripped, i had a big load of manure spread then tilled in. This year i broke a small garden patch and was SHOCKED. There were grubs everywhere! With no easy solution available, i resorted to spraying the whole place with 5% wettable Seven. I really freaked when i found MILLIONS (no joke!) Of them on the ground the next morning. This must explain why my lawn never worked after all the initial work. Now, it's coming in beautiful.

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