Handy tip for weeding container plants

by Ray Burton
(Gold Coast, Australia)

Comb for weeding top of container vegetables

Comb for weeding top of container vegetables

I live on the Gold Coast in Australia where weeds grow rampant because of the sub-tropical climate. A handy tip is this:

For weeding the tops of the larger 160litre pots I use a large wide-toothed hair comb made from some of the sturdier plastics. The comb looks a bit like the picture. It serves like a miniature rake to the soil at the tops of the pot soil.

After removing the larger weeds by hand or weed fork, the comb dresses up the surface of the soil very nicely and scrapes out any baby weeds forming that are too small and too numerous to try and do singularly by hand.

It cuts pot weeding time by at least two thirds. Try it, it works!

(Apart from my long standing career in music, I am currently studying Permaculture BHT201 in Australia to make my knowledge official after decades of gardening by Permaculture principles. I have been container gardening for many years eg: vegetables, herbs and dwarf fruit trees of many varieties in 160litre pots).
All the best and keep up the good work Megan.

Ray Burton
{The MAN who wrote I Am Woman}

Lifetime honorary member: International Songwriters Association.

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