holes in sweet peppers

by Wilbur
(Co. Antrim Northern Ireland)

Have three bell peppers in a growbag in the greenhouse. Over this past weekend I have had to discard four peppers as there are holes in them approx 4mm in diameter.Have cut the peppers open - no grub. Have checked the plants and grow bag and can see no grub.

Can you advise please?

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Aug 10, 2011
Bell Pepper Holes
by: Kiwi George

Hi Wilbur. I suspect your culprit is living in the Gro-Bag so try coating the stalk of the plant with something sticky. I use Vaseline Pertroleum Jelly to keep ants from my climbing up my plants to eat the sugar from the flowers and it works a treat Other wise check your plants at night, you may be able to catch the critters in action.
Happy hunting

Aug 14, 2011
What could be causing holes in sweet peppers
by: Amanda. WA, US

Not sure if you get pepper maggots in Ireland, but we them here in Washington State USA. Mid summer to around now (Aug) female pepper maggot flies make dozens of small hole in peppers and aubergines and lay eggs in them. When the eggs hatch a week later, at least, the holes become a bit larger as the maggot worms burrow in and eat. You would see the worms if they were there by now, especially if you cut open the peppers. They eat for about 3 weeks then drop into the soil and pupate until they turn into flies the next mid summer. The flies are slightly small than most house flies and mostly yellow color.

Attractant yellow sticky traps work, and also use a spray (organic of course!!) There are other insects that bore into peppers, so if what I say doesn't sound like your problem, keep a sharp eye out for anything that flies or crawls or burrows nearby, and it would be a good idea to use George's idea and a spray and traps in any case. Hope this is some help. Amanda

Aug 17, 2011
All comments explored
by: Wilbur

Many thanks George and Amanda. I have never heard of pepper maggots in Northern Ireland, however, I have tried Georges' suggestion of putting vaseline on the stem of the plant also the supporting cane. I have also given the plants three liberal doses of organic insecticide.
We shall see how it goes.

Jul 20, 2018
I have the same problem
by: Paul

Hi Wilbur

Just wondering how you got on. My pepper leaves and fruit are under attack.

I can't find anything on them , but based on a problem I had last year I suspect wood lice.

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