How long to leave manure on garden

by Jackie
(Rangeley, Me)

I put a layer of fresh manure on my vegetable garden in the fall and just left it. I did not work it in. Should I work it in now or rake it off and put in my compost pile. I live in western mountains of Maine. Jackie

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May 25, 2011
Chook manure on garden
by: Kiwi George

Hi Jackie. Lucky you having chicken manure to use, our local chook farm went broke so I have lost my source so I now use sheep and seaweed. Providing the smell has gone from your manure and the worms are quite happy moving through it, just turn it in loosely so you dont disturb the surface/upper level biota to much and plant. The only caution I have without knowing the natural PH of your soil eg, acidic, is to check it after including the manure as the PH may need rebalancing for optimum return from the crops you intend to plant as chook manure is very strong.
Happy planting

May 25, 2011
When manure is aged enough
by: Jean Claude

An excellent way to use manure is to put it on garden, cover with cut grass or leaves and let it be for a month or three depending on which manure. This way the worms will do their work and incorporate it all into a rich top soil.

You don't say which manure, presumably it's chicken, in which case earthworm activity right through it will show if it's safe to plant in. If it was more of a mulch type manure like pellets of sheep or lots of straw type horse manure, then it will easily be safe to use now, because these are quite mild types and the weather should have washed out the horse pee if it was from stables. JC

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