How to do no-dig cover crops

by rick
(Lexington, SC)

I presently have clover and turnip greens growing in all of my beds. I live in central part of South Carolina. What would I do with my cover crops if I am going to try no till? I would normally till them about a month before planting.

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Jan 11, 2016
No till cover crops
by: Megan

It's easy to use no-till/no-dig methods when cover cropping, as long as you allow at least 2-4 weeks before planting to ensure that the materials have started to decay to provide soil conditions good enough to plant seedlings into.

Either trample or bend your cover crop and lay paper or cardboard over top then some mulch and/or compost. You can also put a layer of compost straight over the cover crop first if your soil is very poor and you want to speed up the process of improving it.

Here's a forum post describing digging or not digging in cover crops.
And here's a take on rolling and crimping cover crops.

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