huge tops on root plants

by CeeCee
(San Diego, CA)

I have huge tops and no bottoms on root plants IE: radish, beet, even onions. I've add green sandy to the box but the problem hasn't improved. I'm fertilizing with home compost with it very rich in worm casings and per-made product of 3-12-12. Any suggestions on what to try next. I think it must be too much nitrogen but I don't know how to cut it back.

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Jun 03, 2013
Big Top-No Bottom
by: kiwi George

Hi Cee Cee. Yep been there done that and was advised to forget the current crop, rip them out and plant something which loves nitrogen, eg. brassicas and chalk it up to experience. Sorry I cant be more positive but gardening can be a "Suck it and see" activity at times.
Kiwi George

Jun 20, 2013
too much nitrogen NEW
by: Anonymous

Organic compost is the best to use, it will usually be balanced, but of course don't go overboard with too much of one thing. My neighbor used too much wood ash and had problems. Anything else you add to your compost or other fertilizers you put on your garden can upset the balance.
Best bet is to use lots of water to try and lower the nitrogen, but only if you have lots of spare water, and it will take a bit of time.

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