Indoor seedlings turn yellow or dry up

by Marsha
(Kalamazoo, MI, USA)

Every time I start plants indoors from seed, they start out very good and even get to several inches tall. Then all of a sudden some turn yellow then brown, then burn up. I have asked advice from several growers for the past three years. I rarely get a helpful answer. This happens when I plant outdoors also, but I have more control over it. Right now it is my tomatoes and cucumbers that are affected. Is it the soil or too much light? Can some one give me some advice on this problem. Thank you.

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Apr 16, 2013
Seedling Problems NEW
by: Kiwi George

Hi Marsha. Yep, been there done that with seedlings so now I "treat them tough". As soon as they have their first "true" leaves I expose them to the breeze and cooler temperatures to harden then. Then to combat "Damping Off" (which may be your problem) problems I feed them with a weak seaweed based liquid manure which while feeding them a little, also seems to have a therapeutic effect which I cannot prove scientifically but it seems to work for me. I eventually tried seaweed on my seedlings after many failures as I have found that it seems to give all my mature plants a high degree of immunity to diseases. I use the word "seems' a lot as I am not a horticultural scientist and do a lot of "imperical determination (suck it and see)and report on the results. I am also 100% organic as i have reduced heart and kidney function and Toxins are off my agenda.
Good Luck
Kiwi George

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