Japanese beatles control

by Terri

i've just recently joined this website and really enjoy it. thank you. i am currently having an infestation of japanese beatles that are reaking havoc on my beautiful beans and basil!! help! i've put out 4 traps only to see them fill almost immediately. it is really gross. thanks for any advice.
terri reed

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Aug 12, 2009
Japanese Beetle Plague
by: Anonymous

It has been my experience that those traps only bring more of them to your yard. Best is if you can put them in a neutral area far away from you and your neighbors.
Also, on the home front cut off the top third of a vinegar bottle and put a full pump of dishwashing liquid soap into it and fill the container with water to where you can easliy carry it around. Next go to the plants where the beetles are and brush them into the solution. They will be coated with the solution and die. Also, try placing the bottle in the garden near the beans. This is good to have the bottle ready for immediate use. Try spraying them with this stuff.

Aug 12, 2009
Japanese Beatles Kill
by: Archangel

The best way is to plant Four-o'clock flowers (the most effective annuals) and perennial digitalis close to the crops or plants to be protected. The beatles will feed on them and die.

Also, if dealing with plants, such as habiscus, prune them back before flowering to delay flowering 2-3 weeks in order to by-pass beatle infestation period.

These methods are far more effective than any insecticide.

You can't really get rid of all the beetles, but you sure can cut down on their numbers and damage.

Trap attractant does add more of your neighbour's beatles to your garden than it kills.

Aug 13, 2009
Japanese beetles
by: BJay

Wow thank you-thank you! It's too late to do four o clocks, but I will do the other methods.

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