Japanese Beetles on Raspberry Bushes

by Cathy
(Chicago Heights, Illinois)

I want to transplant my raspberry bushes that have had Japanese Beetles attacking them for the past two summers. I want to take them from Illinois to Michigan (where they came from). When I dig them out do I have to wash the roots and if so what do I use to wash them before I transplant them to the new ground in Michigan?

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Jun 09, 2010
Kill the larvae of Japanese beetles
by: Sam T

As the larvae, called white grubs, feed on plant roots it would be a good idea to wash the roots, using soapy water a similar strength to washing dishes, before you transplant them.
Just soak the roots for 5 mins or so and then rinse off. A bit of residue of soap won't hurt the bushes, but make sure you use natural soap with no harsh chemicals or perfume.

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