Keeping animals out of garden

How do you build a strong enough fence to keep those pesty animals away.


Megan says...
I'm not sure where you are writing from, so it depends what sort of animals are pestering you!

In many countries there are burrowing and digging critters, such as gophers, moles and squirrels. Building a raised garden of about 65cm (2ft) high with ½ inch aviary wire on the bottom, or digging down and putting a mesh layer underground (hard work), is a solution.

For the likes of raccoons and possums, a good strong fence might be the only way to keep them out. A special floppy fence has been successful for keeping possums out of gardens. Read how it's done on this Pests page under opossums.

You'll also find other tips about cats, dogs, deer, moles and keeping animals out of gardens on that page. ~ Megan

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Apr 21, 2009
For deer and slugs
by: Patricia

For deer get some highly perfumed bar soap and spread some 5-10 feet away from your garden so that it will not seep into the plants. the deer will not come near it. If you don't want to use soap you can save the hair from your hairbrush and do the same
For slugs you can buy the powder that is made out of very small shards of glass, it won't bother you but they hate it. Or you can use beer as bait to attract them in another area of your yard

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