killing ground elder

by margaret
(Ayr, scotland)

any idea how to get rid of ground elder? Its coming in from the lane behind the garden, and going through the flower beds and lawn.

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Jun 24, 2015
Ground elder weed problem NEW
by: ~ Megan

It grows masses of rhizomes, which are roots used for storing food for the plant to grow. It does die down in winter, but grows back in spring. It must have leaves to gain energy to grow, so killing those leaves will eventually starve the roots.
You could smother as much of the weed as you can reach, using old carpet, cardboard or thick layers of newspaper, even 20 or more. You want to block out light totally for at least a year. Black plastic is effective, but if you can avoid buying new plastic it's better for the future world.
Digging each and every bit of root out over time will work… feeling like a marathon?
Read Garden weed control and maybe you could buy or hire a flame thrower. Or a combination of different methods of attack, repeated until you've got the upper hand, will work, but if it's in the neighbourhood, it will seed and you will have to keep a watch out.

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