Knobby potatoes

by Pam
(Amery Wisconsin)

Burbank potatoes with knobs on them

Burbank potatoes with knobs on them

Burbank Knobby potatoes.
I planted burbank potatoes for the first time this year. The plants are wonderful and loaded with buds for 3 weeks now. I dug some last week and had large 4-5 inch around potatoes, but each potato has numerous small bulb potatoes all over each one. They look clean and healthy for eating. Just wondering what causes this? Lucky since they are home grown i have no need to peel lol.

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Aug 03, 2009
Potatoes with knobs on
by: Noddy

Knobs on potatoes come from fluctuating water supply. If spuds dry out, they stop growing and then when water arrives they send out new growth from their potato eyes, causing some amusing, even prize-winning knobbly potato shapes.

You also might find that these start and stop growth spurts cause big spuds but with hollow middles. Don't keep the soil soaked and sogged, but don't let it dry out for too long.

Aug 05, 2009
knobby potatoes
by: pam

Thanks so very much for your information. It really makes sense as my garden is at my mother in laws and I only get over there once or twice a week, so watering has been a problem. I may have to set up a watering system next spring. Thanks again.

Oct 27, 2010
Thank You
by: mary kay

Thank you so much for the info. was looking for a friend.(I looked in 22 of my books... no with luck)

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