lasagna gardening and fall bulb planting

by Lisa
(Middletown, IN USA)

I just made my lasagna patch. Wet newspaper then wood chips from tree stump then grass clippings that have set most of summer...then repeated this brown and green layers 3 times. Topped with peat moss. Can I plant daffodils now? And if so do I still cover the mound with black plastic?

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Dec 28, 2014
planting bulbs and lasagna plot NEW
by: Pam

Seems a waste to use all that good organic material and not grow vegetables in it! Peat moss is becoming scarce in the world I read, so it's best to not use it. Not sure of alternatives, maybe some coconut or sugarcane fibrous stuff.
Don't know much about bulbs, but I bet they would grow well in your pile, although unless it has rotted down, you should have a soil layer to plant the bulbs into.
Black plastic is unnecessary, unless you have a major weed problem, and you would have to poke holes in the plastic to plant the bulbs through, they sure wouldn't grow through the plastic if you covered them!

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